Art-Loc Dimensional Shingles

Our Art-Loc asphalt shingles are manufactured for Sherriff-Goslin to Sherriff-Goslin's standards. Art-Loc is a revolutionary diamond shaped dimensional shingle designed to be held down at six different points. While Art-Loc is great for any new roof installation, its unique interlocking shingle design makes it ideal for reroofing applications. Installing Art-Loc directly over your existing asphalt shingle roof saves time, saves money, and can spare you the stress of a messy tear-off roof replacement.

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The secret is in the compound SBS (Styrene-Butidiene-Styrene). During the manufacturing process, SBS bonds to oils in the asphalt shingle creating an elastic compound that gives Art-Loc impact resistant shingles unprecedented flexibility, durability and water resistance.

Fire Resistance
Art-Loc® shingles meet the UL 790 Class A Fire Resistance standard—the highest rating available for fire resistance. Achieving a 'Class A' rating requires a shingle to pass an intermittent flame test, a spread of flame test, and a burning brand test.

Impact Resistance
We know your roof shingles endure more than heavy rain and relentless sun. That's why Art-Loc® impact resistant shingles meet the UL Class 4 Impact rating, which is the highest rating available. This test measures the ability of asphalt roofing shingles to resist roof damage from a hail storm. This means Art-Loc® roof shingles resist cracking, wont curl, and can withstand hail storms with minimal damage. Because Art-Loc® shingles meet this UL standard, State Farm Insurance has listed it in Michigan and Indiana as a select roofing material eligible for premium credit.

Wind Resistance
Art-Loc® roofing shingles also meet the UL 997 Wind Resistance roof standard. During this test Art-Loc® shingles easily withstood winds of up to 80 miles per hour for a two-hour period of time. An Art-Loc® roof means fewer roof repairs and an attractive shingle for the lifetime of your roof.

Algae Resistance
Art-Loc® asphalt roofing shingles deliver superior algae resistance thanks to innovative technology from 3M—a world leader in algae-resistant roofing materials. Color-coated granules contain an inner copper-coated layer of ions, which are time-released to provide your shingles long-term algae resistance.